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Environmental Leadership

With environmental responsibility as a core mission, Solar Gard has earned the esteemed title of Climate Action Leader. At Solar Gard we are committed to manufacturing premium products in the most environmentally responsible manner. We continuously discover and create new ways to protect, save and renew through lean manufacturing and innovative technology.

After years of solid environmental stewardship, our journey toward environmental excellence began in 2007, and each year we have shouldered additional responsibilities. Solar Gard’s Environmental Management System is ISO-14011 Certified, and it ensures our manufacturing practices have a minimal impact on the environment. We constantly monitor and improve our energy efficiency, resource conservation, waste management and chemical controls, under ISO 14001-certified management processes. Solar Gard’s EMS helps us:

  1. Reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations;
  2. Improve the work environment and create cross-functional teams that foster awareness, understanding and responsibility across the organization; and
  3. Enhance relations with the community, regulators and stakeholders, including suppliers

Our environmental leadership also includes the publication of the Environmental Product Declaration for our solar control architectural films.