As a leading manufacturer of window film and paint protection film, Solar Gard is proud to partner with an impressive network of skilled artisans, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. In celebration of those dealers and installers, Solar Gard announces our 2017 Featured Partner series. Starting February 1, 2017, each month we will highlight one of Solar Gard’s exceptional partners.

We are excited to recognize our outstanding dealers and we look forward to sharing their compelling stories!


Joe's Mobile Tint

Congratulations to Jose Flores, Owner of Joe’s Mobile Tint in Madera, CA, on being named Solar Gard’s April 2017 Featured Partner.

As a proud Solar Gard® dealer, work of the highest quality and world-class service are paramount to Jose. He took a few minutes to share some insight into growing his business:

What’s the biggest challenge of running your window film business? How do you tackle and overcome?

It’s difficult to accommodate all customer scheduling requests, but the ComputerCut® software saves us valuable time and increases productivity by allowing us to plot all the cars at once. We have become so much more efficient, and shop now operates like an assembly line.

What is the most exciting part of being in the window film industry?

I meet so many amazing people that I never would have, had I not pursued this as a career.

What has been critical to the growth of your company?

Adding more manpower and offering a variety of services / products to keep the shop busy year-round. By expanding our service mix to include Clearshield® Pro paint protection film and nanoceramic technology, we have definitely increased our profits!

Through his technical support and consultative approach, my Territory Manager Nick Casucci has also been extremely helpful in growing our operations.

What’s your definition of success?

To be busy all the time and recognized in the community for your achievements. The key is knowing how to juggle your business and personal life so that it all runs smoothly.

Pumping Iron or Pumping Gas?

Pumping gas.

Flip Flops or Sneakers?


Barbecue or Oven?


Dream car?

Lamborghini Aventador.

Thank you, Jose! Learn more about this exceptional Solar Gard partner at





Congratulations to Brad Bell, Owner of Trucks Plus / Midwest Linings in Omaha, NE, on being named Solar Gard’s March 2017 Featured Partner.

As our committed dealer for the last 10 years, Brad trusts Solar Gard® products for their quality and name recognition to keep moving his business forward. He took a moment to share some valuable insight into his operations and continued success:

What has been the best part of growing the window film portion of your business?
It’s a fun product to sell, and always gratifying to see our customers express such joy in picking up their completed vehicle. Adding window film and Clearshield® Pro to our offerings has allowed us to exceed our sales objectives.

What part of owning / managing your own business is still exciting every day?
The challenge – it’s motivating and pushes us to be better. A fantastic end result can be incredibly validating.

How do you differentiate your service and product offerings from your competitors?
The Solar Gard name, ComputerCut® technology and skilled installers.

Superman or Batman?

Phone or computer?

Dream car?
69 Chevy Camaro.

Thank you, Brad! Learn more about this impressive Solar Gard partner at



Congratulations to Solar Gard’s February 2017 Featured Partner, Brett LeBlanc, Owner of Shadow Art Window Films. As our exclusive partner for the last 17 years, Brett has come to rely on both Solar Gard’s consistent product performance and best-in-class service to keep his business moving forward.

We asked Brett to share some insight into Shadow Art’s continued growth:

What’s behind your success?
Time management, craftsmanship and service.

What attracted you to this industry?
I thrive on creativity. With so many facets of a window film business, having a new project every day – with all kinds of challenges – keeps me going for more.

What is exciting about the future of window film for you?
The market really seems to be booming. The technology is getting better and the creative opportunities for decorative film are endless.

Classic car or super car?
Sucker for a classic.

Off-road or on-road?
Tarmac only, please.

Dream car?
Aston Martin DB-5.

Thank you, Brett! Visit this exceptional Solar Gard partner at

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