SEMA 2016 Announcement – Press Release


350-Year-Old Global Glass Technology Pioneer to Spotlight Advanced Automotive

Protection and Style Solutions at SEMA 2016

— Solar Gard, the Specialty Films Division of Saint-Gobain, to Reintroduce Advanced Clear Paint Protection and

Sun/Heat Rejection Innovations in Booth #12175; Iconic Pioneer of Glass and Building Technology Began in 1665 with

Palace of Versailles —

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (October 25, 2016) – Solar Gard, a global leader in patent-protected film
technologies for sun and surface protection across the automotive, architecture, commercial and
residential industries, will unveil and demonstrate the power of its Clearshield Pro Paint Protection Film
(PPF) and Ultra Performance Plus 80 Window Film solutions at SEMA 2016 in Booth #12175 of the North Hall.

  • As a division of the international glass and building technology icon Saint-Gobain – an
    organization whose 350-year legacy originated with the Hall of Mirrors in Paris’ Palace of
    Versailles and extends to NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover – Solar Gard’s automotive solutions are
    created through the expansive research and development capacity of the company. The brand’s
    proprietary technology includes virtually invisible films that significantly reject heat from the sun,
    while diminishing the threat of UV damage. Combined with the best in customization options,
    Solar Gard’s style and technology offerings are unmatched.
  • Clearshield Pro is a tough, optically clear barrier that acts as a shield for factory paint on
    vehicles of every kind. The effective layer guards against chips, scratches and stains caused by
    road debris, insects or humans. From big trucks, family minivans, sports sedans to ultra-luxury
    supercars – drivers and custom builders can now powerfully protect their investments and
    preserve the new look of their vehicles without having to alter their original  appearance.
  • Ultra Performance Plus 80: Solar Gard’s expertise in enhancing some of the most iconic
    buildings with window film technology for heat reduction, interior preservation and
    shatter/intrusion protection now extends to everyday vehicles. Advanced nano-ceramic
    technology delivers high infrared and heat rejection that can reduce interior surface
    temperatures by up to 39°F. Virtually invisible for an unaltered view and unparalleled clarity,
    Ultra Performance Plus 80 also blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays – while reinforcing the
    window and helping to guard passengers from the potential dangers of shattered glass.

“The Solar Gard story is so much more than just the bold style customization and advanced technology
offerings of our automotive film solutions,” said Kendall Combs, global marketing director for Solar Gard.
“Cars all over the world feature glass technologies developed by Saint-Gobain in conjunction with
leading automotive manufacturers. At Solar Gard, we’ve taken that level of expertise and
professionalism to tackle some of the most daunting challenges for glass including bomb blast mitigation
and heat rejection. We improve daily life through comfort and protection, and it’s proven on landmark
structures around the world, from the Beijing Airport to the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building on Pennsylvania Avenue.”


  • Justin and Anna Scribner from Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restoration, the stars of the hit TV
    series, FLIPPIN’ RVs, being re-launched in 2017 on the Travel Channel will be on hand
    Tuesday, November 1 from 2:00–3:00p.m., and Friday, November 4, from 11:00 a.m. – noon, to
    share the story behind Solar Gard and Saint-Gobain’s work in revitalizing a 1950 Westcraft
    Coronado trailer. The trailer, featuring window technology and surface enhancements, will be on
    display in the Saint-Gobain/Solar Gard booth for visitors to explore.
  • The booth experience will include a hands-on demonstration of Solar Gard’s immense
    effectiveness in solar heat reduction and vehicle interior protection. In addition, installation
    demonstrations will also be available for Clearshield Pro and Ultra Performance Plus 80.
  • Dive deeper into some of the most exciting stories behind Saint-Gobain/Solar Gard’s impact with
    top automotive manufacturers, prominent buildings and more.

    • Saint-Gobain case study sample: I.M. Pei’s iconic glass pyramid at the Louvre,
      the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center.
    • Solar Gard-specific case study sample: The Department of Energy Building, the Skyrail
      Rainforest Cableway (Cairns, Australia), Beijing Airport and the National Geographic Society Campus.

About Solar Gard:

Solar Gard is a global leader in patent-protected film technologies for sun and surface protection across
the automotive, architecture, commercial and residential industries. As the Specialty Film Division of the
global glass and building technology icon Saint-Gobain – a company whose 350-year legacy originated
with the Hall of Mirrors in Paris’ Palace of Versailles – Solar Gard builds upon decades of work in
tackling some of the most extreme architecture and automotive manufacturer challenges to develop
unrivaled protective solutions for everyday vehicles and aftermarket builders. The company’s proprietary
technology includes virtually invisible films that reject heat from the sun – complemented with innovation
in shatter and intrusion resistance for vehicle windows. Topped off with the very best in customized style
and tints – Solar Gard’s lineup of products deliver unmatched results in enhancing and protecting vehicle
interiors, exteriors and most importantly, passengers inside those vehicles. Follow Solar Gard on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #SolarGard