Design Center Uses Armorcoat for Protection and Clarity

Tampa-based interior and window fashion designer, Ralph Mills, caters to high-end residential and commercial clients. His impressive showroom and design center houses beautiful furnishings, rich fabrics, and valuable artwork. The finishing touch on the attractive center is the broad, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow lots of bright, natural light into the room and attractively show off the contents inside. Those windows were also a bit of a liability, though, since they made the entire showroom vulnerable to irreplaceable damage if a storm or violent weather should result in the windows breaking. Plus, all of the sunlight that so beautifully illuminated the room also posed the threat of potential ultraviolet damage and fading of the valuable pieces inside.

Ralph called upon his local independent Solar Gard dealer to help him determine the best way to protect his showroom. They decided that Solar Gard Armorcoat 4 Mil Clear would completely meet Ralph’s needs, and 685 square feet (64 square meters) of the film was installed to all of the windows. The result was the perfect level of protection. The durable, thick Armorcoat film reinforces the glass in the showroom windows, so they are less likely to break if struck by airborne debris during a storm. Plus, the resilient film is designed to help hold broken glass within the window frame, so even if windows were shattered, a strong barrier would still be in place between the showroom and the harmful elements outside.

Also, since Solar Gard rejects nearly 100 percent of ultraviolet light, all of the fine valuables are much better protected against premature fading. Still, the best benefit for Ralph was that the film is perfectly clear and practically undetectable, so he can still show off his spectacular designs.

“Only the Armorcoat film offered both the protection and the clarity I was looking for. In fact, it was so impressive that now I recommend it to my own customers, as well. As an interior designer, it’s important to me that I only suggest the best products. With Armorcoat safety film, I know my reputation is as secure as my showroom.” Ralph Mills, owner of All Interior Furnishings

Installation Summary


  • Need for interior protection during storms and harsh weather
  • Potential ultraviolet damage


Amount of film:

  • 685 sq. ft. (64 sq. meters)


  • Helps protect interiors during violent weather
  • Reinforced large windows
  • Reduced risk of personal injury and property damage
  • Increased protection from fading and ultraviolet damage