LX Series – provides un analtered view whilst keeping the cool and blocking UV

Features high optical clarity with low reflectance for uncompromised views, while blocking the sun’s heat and cutting glare – keeping you more comfortable and lowering cooling expenses. The lighter films are virtually undetectable on your windows and provide an unaltered view whilst keeping your car cooler and more comfortable, protecting your skin and interior from harmful UV-rays.

Improve the quality of your life by keeping out uncomfortable heat, protecting building furnishings and letting in the light and view with Solar Gard LX 80 and LX70 window films. The films are virtually undetectable on your windows, but it keeps your building cooler and more comfortable whilst protecting your decor. The lighter films provide an unaltered view of the outdoors whilst keeping your building naturally cool, providing impressive energy savings. The Solar Gard Series also offer darker films, efficiently reflecting the solar heat.

LX Series in short:

  • Summer solar head gain reduction: up to 70%
  • Total solar energy reduction: up to 53%
  • Visible light transmission: up to 72%
  • Glare reduction: up to 53%
  • UV reduction: > 99%

Available in these grades:
LX 80, LX 70, LX 55, LX 40, LX 25 and LX 15