Sterling – Extraordinary solar hear rejection performance

The Solar Gard Sterling series is a spectrally selective film with a high level of visible light transmission. The Sterling series is comprised of films that provide extraordinary solar energy rejection performance along with higher visible light transmission. This allows for a luminous and more beautiful interior, whilst ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment. Solar Gard Sterling window films offer users a range of heat reduction options whilst maintaining everywhere from maximum natural light to a high degree of protection from heat and glare. These films range from lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside to darker films that provide a greater degree of protection from heat and glare, all with a soft, neutral finish outside.

Sterling series in short:

  • Total solar energy rejection: up to 76%
  • Visible light transmission: up to 75%
  • Sterling 60 and 70: Also for windshields*
  • Rejects > 99% of all ultraviolet rays

Available in these grades: 20, 40, 50, 60, 70

*Check and ensure that local regulations are respected