Ultragard™ UV – The ultimate in UV protection

While driving, skin is exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays which are the main cause of skin cancer, melanoma and aging. Installing Ultragard UV window film by Solar Gard on side windows, blocks 99% of damaging UV-A and UV-B rays, while allowing maximum visibility day or night. Additionally, Ultragard may help hold shattered glass in place in case of breakage. The superior clarity of this new film allows for unlimited visibility.

Ultragard UV window film is the ideal solution for any car or truck windows and protects the electronics, upholstery and the interior of the vehicle from fading and discoloration.  Signal friendly, including: GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones and tire pressure monitoring systems.

Ultragard UV in short:

  • Visible transmission: 89%
  • > 99% of the UV Light Blocked
  • SPF 285+
  • Signal friendly

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