Non-Reflective Smoke Plus

Solar Gard NR Charcoal line of non-reflective (NR) automotive window films is a time-tested favorite. This conventional line offers a subtler tint than the high performance films and are perfect for cars with defroster-embedded diversity antenna systems, as well as cellular and GPS systems. Solar Gard NR Charcoal features rich warm hues in classic charcoal-grey tones that enhance your vehicle’s appearance while protecting your interior from fading.


Key Benefits

  • Classic charcoal tint
  • Non-reflective (no metal)
  • Satellite radio, GPS, cellular and tire pressure monitoring system friendly
  • 98% ultraviolet ray protection
  • Available in five shades
  • Five year limited warranty

Film Options and Performance

Product NameVisible Light
Visible Light
Reflectance (Exterior)
UV Light
Total Solar
Energy Rejected
NR Charcoal 54 54 7 >98 27
NR Charcoal 35 35 7 >98 33
NR Charcoal 23 23 5 >98 36
NR Charcoal 17 17 6 >98 38
NR Charcoal 7 7 4 >98 43
Performance measured on 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass.