LX Series – provides an unaltered view whilst keeping the cool and blocking UV

This film is virtually undetectable on your windows, but it keeps your car cooler and more comfortable whilst protecting your interior. LX70 provides an unaltered view of the outdoors whilst keeping your vehicle naturally cool and saving from harmful UV-rays. Features high optical clarity with low reflectance for uncompromised views, while rejecting 55% of the total solar energy for high heat rejection – keeping you more comfortable and lowering cooling expenses. LX40 Is a slightly darker film with 61% total solar energy rejection and increased glare control.

LX series in short:

  • Visible Light Transmission up to 72%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection up to 61%
  • IR Reduction: 95%**
  • LX 70: Also for windshields*
  • UV protextion > 99%
  • 10 year warranty

*Check and ensure that local regulations are respected
** unweighted average; for further details check the SG technical bulletins