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Heat Rejection

Rejecting solar heat improves
comfort and keeps you cool.


Energy Cost Saving

Carbon-negative solutions proven
to save money on energy use.


UV Protection

Solar Gard window film is equivalent
to SPF 285 for your windows.



Blocking solar glare and bright lights offers visual comfort.

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Animal Sanctuary Testimony BLOG (1)

Wildlife Sanctuary Delighted with Solar Gard’s Window Makeover.

Interior of modern living room

Myth Buster- Does Window Film Need To Be Dark To Work?

Auto Ceramic Launch Blog VTXPro iON

NEW Ceramic Automotive Window Films from Solar Gard!

Mount Beauty Alpine shire Council

Installing Window Film Reduces Visitor Centre Utility Bills, Saving Around $240 a Month

Blog Success Story Child Safety 5150x3433px

Providing Peace of Mind for Parents – Making Windows Safe

Blog Image Longitude 131 Uluru Sterling 5150x3433px

Solar Gard Provides Environmentally Sustainable Heat Rejection Solution for Iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock) Luxury Accommodation

The felon who tried to break into this shop had no success - the toughened glass prevented it.

Shopfront Security Footage: How Safe Are Your Windows?

Lifestyle woman at home concept.

Expert Opinion: How to Sleep in a Heatwave

Family on sofa at home reading book with boy jumping

The Mercury is Rising – And so is Your Energy Bill

10 Myths About Sun Protection

10 Myths About Sun Protection

Grabbing Hand

Breaking a Door or Window is the Second Most Common Method of Illegal Entry into a Building

Ecolux 70 Aireys Inlet

Summer / Winter Comfort – Aireys Inlet Home


Summer / Winter Comfort, Collaroy Private Residence

Success Story Wodonga

Homeowner Impressed with how Solar Gard Window Film has Transformed the Privacy of Her Home


Want to Upgrade Your Windows to Maximise Energy Efficiency but Don’t Know Where to Start?


Driving Cooler with Window Film

bad tint 2

Bad Tint Jobs vs Solar Gard Tint Jobs


Not Just UV Protection: More Benefits of Window Tinting


Care and Maintenance of Window Film

Silhouette of human hands held up against the sun, shielding against sun flare.

UV Rays are Causing More Cancer Than All Others Combined

WiFi network on antennas on the top of a hill with blue sky background. Technology and communication 4.0 concept.

5G Mobile Phone Tower Radiation Protection with Solar Gard LX 70

Waitress putting open sign in window

UV Radiation Poses a Danger Indoors as Well as Out

ULR 80 for ultra-low reflectivity

Solar Gard Launches ULR 80 Architectural Window Film – Thanks to its New Advanced Ceramic Technology

Caucasian mother driving car with baby son in car seat

The Top Child Safety Features You Can Add To Your Car

Untitled design (2)

Health Benefits of Car Window Film in 30 Seconds

How Our Window Film is Made