Interior of subway car


Why GraffitiTidy?

Solar Gard GraffitiTidy protective film provides a durable non-stick surface that is hydrophobic, meaning that it reacts by deterring the liquid away. This low surface energy means that even permanent marker pen can simply be wiped off with a dry cloth. GraffitiTidy boasts a very high chemical resistance (without the smell or toxic fumes) so all existing graffiti-removal products are safe to use, thus protecting the surface beneath from the effects of these harsh chemicals.



GraffitiTidy provides the solution for tagging and spray painting in problem areas such as:

  • Bus shelters
  • Trains, buses, ferries
  • Public toilets
  • Schools
  • Delivery truck or courier vehicles

Protect your surfaces from deliberate and unintentional damage with Solar Gard GraffitiTidy!