Product Performance and Specification Resources

Designing energy efficiency into buildings and structures is the fastest growing trend in the construction industry. Solar Gard offers a wide range of window films to solve common building envelope issues, including: hot spots, glare, interior fading, and safety. Additionally, Solar Gard solar protection films save up to 30% on energy costs, which can reduce many buildings’ carbon footprints.

Safety Film is designed to retain glass shards when glass breaks. We offer a wide range of safety films to solve different needs, from protection in the event of accidents, intruders, storms, and even bomb blasts.

Solar Gard helps you enhance any glazing system to protect interiors, occupants and owners from excessive energy costs, heat, glare, accidents and disasters.

The Specification Sheets provided below are designed to make writing product specifications easier for you. If you have questions, please contact us.



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