Comfortable room temperatures plus energy savings – save money and feel comfortable indoors year-round.

Meet the next generation in dual-climate window film, Ecolux Low-E film. Ecolux technology is sophisticated, but what it does is will make it easy to enjoy indoor activities. Dual-action Ecolux film helps repel heat in summer and keeps heat indoors during winter.


Improves your glass insulating ability by 88% so you can take comfort in the fact that you're doing your part for energy conservation

Spectrally Selective

Let’s in 68% of natural light while keeping out 52% of the sun’s heat

Save Money and Energy

Year-round savings on cooling and heating

UV Protection

Protect people and property from >99% UV rays


Promotes environmental sustainability


Summer with Ecolux: Rooms that normally become uncomfortably hot now require less cooling energy to maintain comfort.


Winter with Ecolux: Interior heat is reflected back indoors, reducing heating energy needed to maintain a comfortable environment.

Transform every window into an energy-saving system…

Transform every window into an energy-saver system. Solar Gard Ecolux Low-E film helps you balance the equation by increasing comfort and reducing energy usage. You can increase the performance of your existing windows for significantly less than the cost of replacements for your home or building.

  • Provides a sustainable upgrade that reduces carbon usage.
  • Costs significantly less than replacement glazing.
  • Professional installation.
  • Minimal disruption or inconvenience during installation - important for occupants of commercial buildings, hospital patients and homes.


Environmentally friendly, Ecolux Low-E window film helps you achieve energy and carbon savings. By combining a low-e coating with solar control properties, we've developed an innovative window-insulating film technology that outperforms solar control films alone.

  • Year-round energy savings on heating and cooling.
  • Rejects heat from outside on warm days and nights.
  • Retains heat in rooms on cool days.
  • Helps reduce central heating and cooling usage.
  • More comfortable temperatures in every season, leads to increased productivity, day and night.
  • Rejects 99% of UV radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer SPF rating of 700+ and prevent fading on furniture and flooring.

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