Solar Gard® Sentinel™ is a range of Outside Weatherable (OSW) tints that are ideal for houses that have low-E, laminated or wired glass. The Solar Gard® Sentinel™ series includes:

Sentinel™ Plus 4 Mil Clear OSW
Sentinel™ Plus Stainless Steel 45, 40, 25 and 15 OSW
Sentinel™ Plus Silver 35 and 20 OSW
Sentinel™ Plus SX 50 OSW

Sentinel OSW tints are designed to be an external sentry for houses, protecting them from high levels of heat, glare, and UV. OSW tints provide the perfect solution where the risks of glass breakage and/or seal failure are too high, or where accessibility to the interior is unavailable.

Solar Gard OSW tints carry a limited warranty, as external applications, by nature, are subject to an array of unpredictable weather and atmospheric conditions.

Sentinel Plus SX 50 OSW: Solar Gard’s lighest exterior solar control window film, allowing light to shine in while controlling heat from the sun. It features:

No mirrored look (low exterior reflection)
High visible light transmission
Reduces glare
High heat rejection