Clearshield Pro


Clearshield PRO is the best protection you will never see

Your vehicle is more than your ride – it is a source of pride. Why worry about paint chips, scratches and stains? With Clearshield PRO paint protection film you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle will look like new for years.

How it works

Clearshield Pro is a tough, clear barrier that acts like body armor for your paint. It’s an invisible layer that helps protect paint against chips, scratches and stains caused by road debris, insects and more. Clearshield Pro comes in a 60 inch width providing complete and seamless coverage of entire hoods or you can just cover the portions of your vehicle that you are most concerned will sustain damage.

Professional Quality – Professionally installed

Clearshield Pro authorized installers are experienced professionals using the highest quality paint protection film available. Their installation expertise combined with the precision of the ComputerCut system, ensures form fitted perfection for your total satisfaction.

ComputerCut precision – One system, endless possibilities

ComputerCut is the industry’s first internet cloud based film cutting system that allows authorized dealers to download paint protection patterns directly to a plotter for precision cutting of the Clearshield Pro. ComputerCut takes a downloaded pattern and cuts it on a plotter in a matter of minutes. The patterns are carefully cut according to established specifications, so any trimming will be minimal. Our proprietary software cuts film unsupervised while you attend to your customers.
ComputerCut offers a cost-effective cutting with over 120,000 patterns to choose from.