What is Clearshield® Pro Paint Protection Film?

Clearshield® Pro is an extremely tough, durable and virtually invisible clear urethane film which will keep your vehicle looking newer for longer – like body armor for your paint. It’s an invisible layer that helps protect your vehicle’s painted surfaces against chips, scratches and harmful environmental contaminants like road tar, bug splatter or bird droppings.

How is Clearshield® Pro better than other products available on the market today?

Clearshield® Pro offers these exceptional features and benefits:

  • Resistance to damage from gravel, debris, stones, road salt and other harmful environmental elements that can scratch and stain your vehicle
  • Optically clear and glossy to make your vehicle look shiny and new
  • In the event that the product is damaged, it can be easily peeled away exposing original factory paint like the day Clearshield® Pro was installed
  • Easy maintenance: simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle as usual

On what areas of my vehicle and when should I install Clearshield® Pro?

Clearshield® Pro can be professionally installed anywhere you want to protect your vehicle’s painted surfaces from scratches, chips and stains. Common areas to apply Clearshield® Pro are on the hood (full or partial), front or rear bumper, fenders (full or partial), mirrors, windshield pillars, leading edge of roof, rocker panels, door edges and door cups.

Install Clearshield® Pro on your vehicle right at the dealership or immediately after you buy it – by doing so you’ll keep your possession looking new for longer.

Where can I get Clearshield® Pro installed and how much does it cost?

We have a network of qualified Clearshield® Pro installers that are trained on how to install paint protection film and have years of experience. A professional installation will ensure your installation is done with the utmost care. Warranty is not valid if the film is improperly installed.

The cost varies depending on which installation package you choose and your geographic location. Use “FIND A PRO” to find a qualified installer near you and get a free quote.

Can I apply other coatings over Clearshield® Pro for additional protection?

Yes, most paint coatings are compatible with Clearshield® Pro, however, there are many paint coatings on the market. The paint coating installer should ensure their product performs as intended by testing for compatibility.

What are the proper care guidelines for Clearshield® Pro?

Do not wash or wax your vehicle until three (3) days after Clearshield® Pro has been installed. Then, normal washing and waxing is recommended.

If a stain does not come off during regular washing, isopropyl alcohol should remove anything on the surface of the film.

A pressure washer can be used but wait three (3) days after installation and be mindful not to get too close to the edges.

Can I remove Clearshield® Pro?

Yes, Clearshield® Pro can easily be removed from your vehicle. We strongly recommend using a qualified installer to remove the film to avoid any damage. Clearshield® Pro should be carefully removed using a steamer or heat gun. First, warm the film to soften the adhesive. Second, peel an edge and stretch the film at a 45° angle to the applied surface while heating the filmed area ahead. If any adhesive residue remains on the painted surface, clean it using isopropyl alcohol or an adhesive remover safe for painted surfaces.

Does Clearshield® Pro turn yellow or discolor?

No, Clearshield® Pro has been formulated to highly resist color change over time and under harsh environments. The urethane film and adhesive are formulated to remain color stable upon exposure to UV light. Additionally, Clearshield® Pro has good stain resistance from many sources of environmental contaminants.

What is the warranty for Clearshield® Pro?

Clearshield® Pro 7-year limited manufacturer’s warranty protects against yellowing, cracking, crazing, bubbling, peeling, delamination, adhesive failure, or any other failure due to manufacturer’s defect.