The Cost of Graffiti and Vandalism Cleanup in Public Places is Enormous

Network Rail estimates it costs more than £5 million per year to clean up graffiti, not including the loss of revenue or delays in service

Graffiti cleanup costs London Underground in excess of £10 million per year, and it would cost about £38 million to replace all of the graffiti-etched windows on every Tube train

Dealing with graffiti also diverts valuable police and staff resources. Hundreds of thousands of staff hours are taken up in cleaning, repairs and police time

London Underground devotes some 70,000 hours a year just to cleaning up graffiti

*Source: British Transport Police

Graffiti and vandalism interrupt your operations and damage your reputation. They can be expensive and difficult to remove or restore the original appearance. Solar Gard can help resolve all of these points.

Every minute that a train or escalator is out of service, stations are damaged, or equipment is vandalised, revenue is lost and reputations are sullied. Solar Gard anti-vandalism films quickly and cost-effectively erase graffiti and vandalism – like it never happened.

Our comprehensive suite of anti-vandalism products – Graffitigard 4PLUS, Graffitigard, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield and Armorcoat – protect a variety of exposed surfaces from graffiti and vandalism. Metal Shield and Mirror Shield can also turn vandalised surfaces back to the way they looked before.

Solar Gard Total Graffiti/Vandalism Protection

Durable, proven solutions to quickly & cost-effectively eradicate graffiti and vandalism – like it never happened.

Solar Gard helps protect your public spaces and most importantly your company image with our comprehensive suite of anti-vandalism films. Our films protect a variety of exposed surfaces from damage and reduce repair time down considerably, so you can keep operations moving and your reputation intact.

Solutions We Offer


  • Acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the original glass surface
  • Undetectable, while protecting against scratching and etching
  • Fast installation, easy to replace, protects original glass surface
  • Significantly reduces financial liability and interruptions in operations

Learn how Graffitigard protects your original glass, how it works, and get its technical performance information

Graffitigard™ 4PLUS

  • Undetectable, optically clear polyester film providing maximum visibility
  • Protects the surface from the most common forms of vandalism including acid etching, scratching and permanent markers
  • Multi-layer construction provides a more cost effective alternative to single application protection

Learn how Graffiigard™ 4PLUS protects surfaces in mass transit and how it can be installed / removed.

Mirror Shield

  • Restores scratched and old mirror surfaces, makes them look brand new again
  • Resistant against acid etching
  • Significantly reduces financial liability and interruptions in operations

Learn how Mirror Shield restores and protects your mirror surfaces, how it works, and get its technical performance information

  • Restores scratched, etched or vandalised stainless steel / metal surfaces, like it never happened
  • Resistant against acid etching
  • Faster, better looking and less cumbersome than traditional methods
  • Significantly reduces financial liability and interruptions in operations

Learn how Metal Shield restores and protects your stainless steel and metal surfaces, how it works, and technical performance information


  • Protects people and property from flying glass, due to explosive blast or rock throwing
  • Speeds up rescue and cleanup efforts
  • Significantly reduces financial liability and interruptions in operations

Learn how Armorcoat safety & security film, applied to existing glazing, can help drastically increase protection levels and save lives

The Solar Gard Difference

Solar Gard is part of Saint-Gobain, a group with more than 350 years of experience in glass manufacturing, including complicated safety and laminated glazing solutions. Saint-Gobain is the world’s only major manufacturer of both glass and film.

Solar Gard has been an industry expert in film and coating solutions for more than 40 years. Our products are rigorously tested to globally recognized standards, including GSA, ISO and ASTM.

We Offer a Total Solution

We are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for graffiti and vandalism protection and correction in the areas of glass, metal and mirror graffiti, scratching and etching, rock throwing and blast mitigation.

We Offer Sustainable Solutions

We offer creative new ways that install faster, are less intrusive, less polluting, and in the end make your assets look like new again.

Our Mission is to Help You

Our business partners provide a consultative approach. They will ultimately provide the best option for your specific issues. We will advise you how we can perform better than your current way of graffiti and vandalism cleanup. Ultimately we want to minimise your time lost with prevention, clean-up and restoration, and maximise your effectiveness to operate and serve customers.

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