5G Mobile Phone Tower Radiation Protection with Solar Gard LX 70

Understanding Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Electric and magnetic energy is emitted by mobile phone towers. Of most significance though is that being in close proximity to a mobile phone tower will greatly increase the strength of the radiation from the phone tower into your home or office through the windows.

5G mobile phone signals operate on numerous frequencies and some frequencies far higher than seen before in cellular networks. In response, Solar Gard LX 70 has been tested up to 40GHz which covers the 5G frequencies.

LX 70 window film is manufactured with the application of precious metals including gold and silver onto the film surface in microscopic layers barely visible to the human eye. Installing LX 70 window film onto your window glass means the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum including 5G are greatly reduced (or attenuated), nearly completely blocking the radiation entering through the glass.

The graph below shows the frequency range LX 70 has been tested to. Note that 30dB of attenuation means a 99.9% reduction in signal strength.


Solar Gard LX 70’s Many Benefits

LX 70 also boasts other benefits in heat control and comfort alongside its electromagnetic signal protection.

Ultimate Comfort

Enjoy your home or workplace, without having to increase the use of air conditioning in order to stay comfortable. LX 70 keeps uneven temperatures, hotspots and uncomfortable heat at bay by keeping out over half of the sun’s total solar energy. This provides you with improved energy efficiency, utility expenses and comfort – you’ll feel and enjoy the difference instantly!

Ultimate Light

LX 70 clearly lets the sunlight you love shine in by maintaining maximum visible light transmittance. Because it was designed to be perfectly neutral with low reflection, LX 70 doesn’t change the way your windows appear or the way you see through them – inside or out. LX 70 offers invisible sun-related protection ideal for anyone wanting to maintain a clear glass appearance and maximum daylight.

Ultimate Protection

Your flooring, furnishings, merchandise and artworks receive premium protection against fading with LX 70 installed on the windows because it blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet light and more than half the amount of total solar energy from entering your building.

While nothing prevents fading entirely, LX 70 is one of the most effective and attractive ways to prolong the life of your precious valuables. In addition, this helps protect you from premature skin ageing and some potential skin cancers.

Talk to your local Solar Gard Installer about how you can experience Ultimate Comfort, Ultimate Light and Ultimate Protection with Solar Gard LX 70 window film.