Installing Window Film Reduces Visitor Centre Utility Bills, Saving Around $240 a Month

When trees that had previously provided a welcome source of shade were removed from in front of Mount Beauty Tourist Information Centre / Alpine Shire Council building in Victoria, the windows were left unprotected from the harsh effects of the sun.

The significant heat difference rendered parts of the centre unusable during summer months as staff and visitors sought refuge from various hot-spots. Glare became an issue, with the unfiltered sunlight creating discomfort for staff and visitors looking at the diorama of the region. Likely increased cost in air conditioning concerned the management team also.

Alpine Shire Council’s Manager Asset Maintenance, Michael Buckley, consulted with Alpine Tint’s Chris Wingard to seek a workable solution to the three troublesome factors. Chris suggested installing Solar Gard TrueVue 15 film to the building’s 6mm laminated windows after conducting a film-to-glass check, ensuring the film was suited to the glass type.

A Solar Gard energy analysis was also undertaken and the test results projected an annual saving of over $2,900 or 6,300 kWh of electricity. The expected payback period for the investment would be just 1½ years.

TrueVue 15 window film rejects 80% of solar energy, resulting in the HVAC system running more efficiently, thus reducing utility costs.
The glare reduction of 87% that TrueVue 15 boasts allows the staff and visitors a more comfortable environment.
Aesthetically, TrueVue’s warm rich tone enhances the building while its low internal and external reflection provides superior external views.

Alpine Shire Council’s Manager Asset Maintenance, Michael Buckley, enthused, “Eliminating the uncomfortable hot-spots has allowed us to utilise the space in the centre in a more efficient way. In addition, the staff and visitors are enjoying a glare-free environment.”

“The reduced costs in our utility bills are averaging a saving of around $240 a month.”