Providing Peace of Mind for Parents – Making Windows Safe

“Solar Gard Armorcoat solar control safety window film has given me absolute peace of mind knowing my children are safe and protected.” Home owner, Tom.

After their active 2-year-old suffered head injuries from falling through her bedroom window, parents Tom and Sue sought additional protection for their young family. Like most little ones, their daughter enjoyed jumping on her bed and playing with her siblings.

The family was unaware that the windows in their home presented a significant safety risk when broken, until the day their daughter jumped a little too high and broke straight through the glass.
Solar Gard dealer, TintFX, offered the perfect ‘peace of mind’ solution, Armorcoat 4 Mil solar control window film.

It is probably little known to home owners that the most common glass in Australian homes is simply annealed (float) glass. This type of glass is often very thin and forms dangerous shards when broken, presenting a very high risk for severe injury.

About the film

Apart from making the family home safer, the Armorcoat 4 Mil solar control safety film offered the Robinson family a number of additional benefits including:
enhancing their traditional Australian dark red brick exterior with it’s warm tone reducing “hot spots” throughout the home creating more privacy from nearby neighbours.

Why use Solar Gard?

Aaron McCarthy, Owner/Operator of TintFx in Balgowlah, Sydney, chooses Solar Gard window films as his preferred supplier: “As a small business owner, it’s not about sourcing the cheapest materials, it’s about partnering with a strong, credible international brand so I know I always have experienced technical and business support”.

Solar Gard Armorcoat window films meet the stringent criteria for human impact protection under Australian Standards.