Wildlife Sanctuary Delighted with Solar Gard’s Window Makeover.

Wildlife Sanctuary Delighted with Solar Gard’s Window Makeover.

The Sanctuary’s Need

Primarily privacy. Little Urchins Wildlife Sanctuary is a centre that rescues, treats, rehabilitates and oversees release programmes of Australian wildlife in need. The windows of their treatment rooms were letting in direct sunlight and allowing no privacy for the occupants of the treatment rooms. Kool Shades Window Tinting (located in Craigieburn Victoria) was approached by Little Urchins Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit animal shelter in Reedy Creek, Victoria to seek a solution.

Solar Gard’s Solution

Business owner Dave Steward approached Solar Gard to partner with Kool Shades in providing the solution for this non-profit organisation. Solar Gard happily donated 12 square metres of Silver 20 window film and Kool Shades installed the reflective privacy film at no cost.


Little Urchins gave a big thank you to David Steward from Kool Shades Window Tint for giving his time to Tint their treatment room windows. They also offered special thanks to Solar Gard for kindly donating the window film used. They further shared that the ‘roos love looking at themselves in the reflective windows.