Summer / Winter Comfort, Collaroy Private Residence

Aaron, owner of TintFX, did not hesitate to recommend Solar Gard® Ecolux™ 70 when Mark, a builder from Collaroy in NSW, consulted him for a solution to his kitchen / family room comfort issues. Mark was experiencing discomfort from the glare and heat radiating from his poolside glass feature windows. He was seeking a way to retain heat in the room during the cooler hours when the sun was not shining through the windows, while protecting the room from the overwhelming glare and heat during sunny hours.

Mark has been impressed by the temperature difference when coming home from work in the winter months. “Since Ecolux was installed on my north-facing poolside windows I have been coming home to a more noticeably comfortable house” says Mark. “In addition to enjoying a more comfortable environment during the cooler months, I am impressed with the heat and glare reduction while finding the clarity of the film superb.”

Ecolux 70, the state-of-the-art low emissivity (Low-E) window film, offers year-round energy savings and comfort through its combination of superior solar control properties and unique coating.
Applied internally to glass, together these advanced technologies keep the sun and ambient heat out in summer, while the special Low-E coating for winter works to reflect the radiant heat back into the room.
Windows treated with this film have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 700+ and the added benefit of reducing glare, offering protection from >99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, a major source of floor and furniture fading.
The ultimate energy-efficient window treatment offers exceptional benefits including the reduction of hot spots while not affecting the aesthetics of the building, offering year-round comfort.
The carbon footprint of a building can be improved significantly simply by the installation of low-emissivity film to the windows.

Solar Gard’s reputation for innovative, quality products prompted Mark to explore window film as a solution to the problems he was trying to eliminate.

“Since Ecolux was installed on my north-facing poolside windows I have been coming home to a more noticeably comfortable house.” Mark G, homeowner.

Installation Summary


  • Discomfort from solar heat experienced through windows
  • Owner did not want to compromise his lovely view but was experiencing considerable glare from the large windows
  • Noticeable heat loss through windows when heater in use throughout cooler months



  • Reduction of uncomfortable hot spots
  • Ability to enjoy the view without glare
  • Lesser heating times, reducing energy output