Clearshield Pro® HYDRO – the latest paint protection innovation from Solar Gard – is about you. With its industry-leading StainX® topcoat technology, you can enjoy more time riding in a freshly waxed-looking car and less time washing it.

StainX Topcoat Technology

Get to know Clearshield Pro Hydro

Think of Clearshield Pro HYDRO as a virtually invisible coating that doesn’t fade away, but only gets better the longer it’s applied. Like Clearshield Pro, it provides the best scratch resistance in the industry. But with the added benefit of our proprietary StainX technology, every rain shower becomes an instant car wash and keeps your ride looking as good as the day HYDRO was installed.

Count on the expertly developed StainX topcoat for unrivaled stain resistance. Its hydrophobic, crosslinked design immediately beads up and repels water, mud and grime, keeping elements of all kinds off the surface of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits

StainX Topcoat Technology

Invisibly guard your vehicle’s finish from damage caused by water, stains, bug splatter and bird droppings


Advanced polymer technology helps minor abrasions disappear

Warranty (7 years)

Increased protection from staining, yellowing, hazing, cracking, peeling and molding

Time savings

Wash your vehicle less with product’s stain-resistant technology

ComputerCut® PRO Software

Award winning internet based film cutting system for quicker job completion and efficient inventory control

Luxury appearance

Maintain a glossy, just-waxed look

Want to Get Technical?

Clearshield® Pro Hydro Technical Data Sheet

  • Physical properties
  • Adhesion
  • Aging tests
  • Impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance

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