Graffitigard™ 4PLUS

Graffitigard 4PLUS is Your First Line of Defense

Four layers of public transportation grade, peel-clean protection in one application. Protect your public spaces and most importantly your company image with Saint-Gobain anti-vandalism film. Graffitigard 4PLUS is the ideal solution for glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

  • Protects surfaces from damage – Protects from scratches, acid etching and permanent markers
  • Pre-Cut & tabbed. Easy to install or remove – Tailor made to the surface you want to protect. 4-layer tear-offs provide a far more efficient and effective alternative than single-layer anti-graffiti film.
  • Reduces product and installation budget – Avoid loss of profits and reinstallation by keeping your vehicle in circulation 4 times longer
  • Undetectable, optically clear polyester – Graffitigard 4PLUS comes second to none in optical clarity
  • Fully integrated production process – Our process is controlled and integrated all the way from roll to roll coating and laminating to finished pieces

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