Care and Maintenance of Window Film

4 Steps of Care and Maintenance of Window Film: Residential applications – Interior and exterior films

1. Appearance

It is unlikely but possible, to see a “haziness” or “fogginess” in the film immediately after installation. This is the result of
a minute amount of moisture left under the film after installation. This is normal and should not be a matter of concern. This will
disappear in a few days, depending on weather conditions.

2. Cleaning window film

Window film is less porous than glass, will not accumulate dirt as quickly as glass and is easier to clean. Cleaning of film is
required less frequently than the cleaning of glass. A simple solution of a mild dishwashing detergent and water will suffice for most
pollutants. Commercial glass cleaning products are acceptable but not required. Use only soft cloths or paper towels to wipe off
cleaning solution. If janitorial service is used for window cleaning, please make certain they receive a copy of this bulletin.

3. Window film maintenance

Although there is no maintenance required for the film to perform as expected, there are some steps that can be taken to
keep the film looking new for many years. On interior films, occasionally use a silicone polish to provide a lustrous surface to the
film. This will also prevent most instances of unexpected scratching or burnishing which could happen to the film. Some suggested
silicone products are:

  • Plexus Plastic Cleaner
  • Solar Majik

4. Tape removal from the film

If an adhesive tape is ever applied to the film and needs to be removed, simply peel it off as though it is on the glass. If there
is residual adhesive left behind, this can be removed with a soft cloth and mineral spirits or alcohol. If the adhesive is unusually
stubborn, then methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone may be used with a soft cloth.


Should there be any questions regarding this information, please call Technical Services at (800) 282-9031.