Employee Nomination Form




  • Consistently works efficiently, effectively and meets deadlines
  • Consistently produces quality work
  • Suggests change resulting in significant cost savings to the organization (example: change of process, procedure, vendor, etc.)



  • Actively promotes safety awareness
  • Consistently demonstrates safe work practices
  • Recognizes and reports safety concerns and assists in implementation of corrective action


Outstanding Performance:

  • Outstanding contribution on special or urgent needed assignment
  • Uses personal initiative and/or creativity to solve a problem
  • Volunteers for extra/emergency assignment while maintaining own workload


Customer Service:

  • Exemplary performance and service behavior that is above and beyond expectations, tied to: Service, Quality, Delivery, Cost


  • Show your fellow employee that you appreciate the way they S.H.I.N.E. by going above and beyond.
  • Please describe why you are nominating your peer
  • Requestor