Solar Gard Exterior Window Film Dramatically Transforms Medical Office Buildings

Medical office buildings undergo a dramatic transformation,  and save 2000+ glass panes from landfill, with Solar Gard exterior window film.

All-glass exteriors restored at a fraction of the cost of glazing, with no tenant disruption.

All-glass reflective exteriors have been the hallmark of the four-story medical office buildings at 11160 and 11180 E. Warner Avenue in Fountain Valley, California, since their construction in the mid-1980s.  Over the years, however, the glazing had started to fail and the window mullions had seriously deteriorated. The buildings were showing their age on the outside – no match for the Class A office space, medical exam and procedure rooms, dentists’ offices, and full-service labs on the inside.

After initially considering replacing the glazing and mullions – a costly upgrade that would also disrupt doctors and patients – Asset Managers Teri Wilson and Mike Adams called on Kyle Korte at Foresight Services, Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri, for professional assistance in finding the best solution for improving the buildings’ aesthetics.  “The cost to replace the glazing was approximately seven times more than window tinting. Window film was seen as a more cost-effective solution than new glazing, even though the warranty period for glazing is years longer,” Kyle explained.

Metropolitan West, a leading provider, and installer of solar window films was responsible for project management. “When I reviewed the RFP referred to me by Solar Gard, I immediately thought of Sentinel™ Plus Outside Weatherable Window Film (OSW) for this project,” said Kelly Taylor, Principal at Metropolitan West.  “For the most part, installing Sentinel Plus on the exterior meant business as usual for those on the inside.”

Four different types of OSW film were applied to Building 11160 to demonstrate the options available, with the decision made to proceed with Sentinel Plus Silver 20 OSW for the more than 2,000 windows (both buildings).  Silver 20 OSW gave the exteriors – which had turned various shades of dark gold over the years – a clean and contemporary visual aesthetic, with clear views and natural light inside.  By using window film, the need to separate the metal frames for recycling was eliminated, and the old glass – virtually impossible to recycle – would not end up in a landfill.

Work on the exteriors required using a suspended swing stage.  Prior to installing the exterior window film, a crew from Stuart Dean, an architectural restoration, and maintenance company, prepared and painted the buildings. To avoid the risk of wind blowing sprayed paint over the busy parking lot during office hours, the team worked weekends, scheduling according to the position of the sun and winds.  

According to Wilson, “The entire installation went smoothly. We’ve received positive comments from our tenants about the more modern appearance outside, and the nice light inside.”  In addition to dramatically transforming the buildings’ appearance, Sentinel Plus upgraded the windows’ energy-saving potential. The exterior window film’s solar rejection properties earned rebates from the local utility provider, Southern California Edison, of $21,106 (Bldg. 11160) and $12,827 (Bldg. 11180).

“The rebates were the final selling point in our decision to go with Solar Gard, and we are happy we did,” said Wilson. “Solar Gard restored the professional look of our buildings, and saved us a substantial amount of money.”