Success Story: Days Inn Maingate West of Walt Disney World Motel

All year long, visitors from around the world come to Orlando, Florida, to experience its many renowned attractions, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Epcot. After spending a long day in the hot Florida sun, tourists look forward to enjoying cool relaxation in their hotel rooms. So when guests at the Days Inn Maingate West of Walt Disney World Motel® began complaining about the heat in their rooms, general manager Brad Wyatt knew he had to do something quickly, before he started losing customers. Plus, running the air conditioners at full blast was taking a huge toll on his utility bills. Brad had planned a full renovation of the hotel and now decided to create an overall energy savings program as well, which included installing solar control window film.

After meeting with several dealers and reviewing different films, Brad selected Solar Gard Stainless Steel 20 for its superior solar control properties and attractive color. He contracted independent Solar Gard dealer Nick Steele to install 9,000 square feet (836 square meters) of the film on all windows that faced the sun. In about two weeks, the installation was complete and Brad was delighted. He had stayed well within his budget for the renovation and the film’s performance exceeded his expectations.

Since the film rejects 63 percent of the sun’s total solar energy and blocks over  99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light, temperatures in the motel dropped between five and 10 degrees as soon as the film was installed. Thermostats could be kept at a higher temperature while still keeping guests cool and comfortable. This adjustment helped save up to 25 percent on utility bills each month. Plus, the film’s reflective qualities improved the overall appearance of the hotel as well as giving guests an extra measure of privacy — a pleasant surprise for Brad.

“The implementation of the overall energy savings program qualified our motel for a 50 percent rebate from the Florida Power Company, which actually helped pay for the window film. Solar Gard was the best choice we could have made for this motel.” ~ Brad Wyatt, Manager the Days Inn Maingate West of Walt Disney World Motel

Installation Summary


  • Uncomfortable temperatures in guest rooms
  • Intense solar heat gain
  • Excessive utility costs


Amount of film:

  • 9,000 sq. ft. (836 sq. meters)


  • Room temperatures dropped 5–10° F
  • Reduced strain on air conditioners
  • Lowered utility bills by up to 25% monthly
  • Increased guest privacy
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and draperies