Success Story: Radisson Twin Towers

The Radisson Twin Towers reaps benefits from Solar Gard window film.

Think of the city of Orlando, Florida, and two things invariably come to mind: hospitality and tourism. Every restaurant, hotel, store and souvenir shop is constantly in competition and must
continuously find new ways to stand out from the rest. The illustrious Radisson Twin Towers, located across the street from Universal Studios theme park, is no exception. So when the upscale, 760-room hotel started to look outdated among its contemporaries, building management sought an immediate remedy. An additional problem they had to address was the visibility of guests’ towels and bathing suits hanging from safety bars in front of the windows in each room, making the otherwise striking floor-to-ceiling windows unsightly.

Independent Solar Gard dealer Nick Steele worked with building management and the Radisson engineering team to determine the best solution for both problems. Approximately 70,000 square feet (6,500 square meters) of Solar Gard Stainless Steel 10 was installed for its progressive performance qualities. Even with the rooms almost completely occupied, the entire installation was completed on schedule without disruption to hotel guests, and the outcome was exactly what the Radisson team had hoped.

The Solar Gard film instantly gave the hotel a modern, sleek new look — so much that people even commented that it looked like an entirely different building! Additionally, the film prevents outdoor traffic and passers-by from being able to view into the hotel’s rooms, allowing guests to enjoy privacy and comfort.

Since the film rejects 75 percent of the sun’s total solar energy and blocks almost 100 percent of ultraviolet light, there were many other valuable benefits from the installation, such as reduced heat, glare and energy costs, and increased protection against fading of the furnishings inside the hotel.

“This installation is a perfect example of just how much Solar Gard can do for a building. The building looks incredible, there’s more privacy for the guests, energy costs are significantly down and we’ve prolonged the life of the draperies, carpets, and bedspreads. No other solution has so much to offer!” Nick Steele, independent Solar Gard dealer

Installation Summary


  • Visibility into rooms
  • Outdated building appearance


  • Solar Gard Stainless Steel 10

Amount of film:

  • 70,000 sq. ft. (6,500 sq. meters)


  • Improved building appearance
  • Increased guest privacy
  • Reduced energy costs by as much as 20%
  • Rejects 75% of total solar energy
  • Significantly reduced heat and glare
  • Protection against fade damage