Solar Gard Panorama Hilite Window Film Protects Interiors and Lets in Light Without Changing Historic Look

“The original ‘wavy glass’ windows in the museum offered no protection against sun damage. With Solar Gard’s Panorama Hilite window film, we can now show off our historic collection, and the window film is virtually undetectable.” ~ Lois Cole, Executive Director, Historic Deepwood Estate.

The Historic Deepwood Estate Museum in the heart of Salem, Oregon, is an 1894 Queen Anne Victorian home set on four acres of manicured gardens and nature trails. The non-profit organization Friends of Deepwood manages the property and hosts year-round tours and seasonal events.

The Estate, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Homes in 1973, is also a popular site for weddings and special events. For decades, sunlight coming through the original single-panel annealed glass had threatened the fragile interiors. Rooms had to be darkened, even during museum hours, and garden views were compromised. But finding a solution to the solar-control
problem presented challenges. The first was to meet the strict standards of both the Historic Design Review Commission and the City of Salem for maintaining the Estate’s historic aesthetic. In addition, any type of installation would need to be completed while working in and around irreplaceable furnishings and décor.

Lois Cole, Executive Director of Historic Deepwood Estate, consulted with Scott Iverson of Exclusive Window Tinting, Inc., in Keizer, Oregon. Lois explained that nearly everything inside
the museum was vulnerable to fading: the 1894 eastern golden oak, vintage wallpaper, 100+-year-old furnishings, and the newer, historic-design wool carpeting. An extensive collection of vintage clothing had to be virtually hidden away to protect it from sunlight.

deepwood estate salem

“It looked like twilight all the time,” she said. Scott, who has been installing window film since 1999 and in business since 2001, recommended Solar Gard Panorama Hilite 70 window
film. Neutrally tinted and hardly noticeable when professionally installed, it met the requirements for keeping the look of the property intact. Hilite 70 filters natural light to provide both UV and infrared light protection, and also offers high heat rejection while allowing clear views and natural daylight.

“The Friends of Deepwood chose Panorama Hilite hands-down over the competition, for its combination of appearance and performance,” said Scott. “It was the perfect fit for this
historical property.”

The installation was completed on two consecutive Tuesdays, when the museum is closed, in order to minimize disruption. The installation crew carefully moved the furniture, including beds and
furnishings, as little as possible, and were especially conscientious about potential problems with water spraying, etc. The Friends of Deepwood were delighted with the installation
process, as well as the results. Continually protected from solar damage, the historic interior is now displayed in natural light, allowing visitors to enjoy the views. According to the Executive Director,

“Panorama Hilite does the job without changing the window’s historic appearance. No one knows it’s here except us. It passed the historic design review with flying colors!”