Success Story: 50 Beale Street, San Francisco, California

Solar Gard® Panorama® window film cuts soaring energy bills in the bay city.

Attractively nestled in San Francisco’s downtown district is 50 Beale Street, a 23-floor skyscraper that houses a variety of corporate headquarters and administrative offices. The prominent building stands tall against the backdrop of the city skyline, and its large windows glisten in the bright California sun. Those windows caused a problem for building management, however, since sunlight coming in caused intense glare and raised temperatures inside to uncomfortable levels. As a result, maintaining a tolerable climate sent energy costs through the roof. Property Manager Brad Meyers turned to Paul Murphy of Bay Area Window Film to learn about possible solutions for the building’s sun-related problems.

After performing an energy analysis that determined a two-year payback period, Paul recommended the installation of Solar Gard® Panorama® window film. Brad agreed, and they chose
spectrally selective Panorama Sterling 50 for its high-performance capabilities and low impact on the building’s appearance. Paul and his team installed 64,112 square feet of the film on the building, and the results were dramatic. Since the film rejects 57 percent of the sun’s total solar energy, the heat, and glare that had plagued the building were instantly diminished. As a result, management was able to shut down an entire chiller, even in the middle of the summer. They were equally pleased with the film’s ability to retain heat in cooler months, lowering utility costs
year-round. The building’s climate remains consistently comfortable, and the subtle color of the film beautifully complements the building’s appearance.

“We’re extremely happy with the results of our window film installation. The climate is much more pleasant and our utility costs were greatly reduced. Solar Gard® Panorama® was the perfect choice for our facility.” Brad Meyers, Property Manager.

Installation Summary


  • Uncomfortable heat
  • Strong glare
  • High energy costs


  • Solar Gard Panorama Sterling® 50

Amount of film:

  • 64,112 square feet


  • Improved comfort
  • Quick, two-year ROI
  • Eliminated glare
  • Dramatically reduced utility costs
  • Enabled entire chiller to be shut down
  • Enhanced exterior appearance