As a leading manufacturer of window film and paint protection film, Solar Gard is proud to partner with an impressive network of skilled artisans, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. In celebration of those dealers and installers, Solar Gard announces our 2017 Featured Partner series. Starting March 1, 2017, each month we will highlight one of Solar Gard’s exceptional partners.

We are excited to recognize our outstanding dealers and we look forward to sharing their compelling stories!



Congratulations to Patrick Cheang at Mark Motors Porsche, on being named Solar Gard’s September 2017 Featured Partner for North America. Patrick took a few moments to share some fun facts and insight into his success.

What are 5 fast facts we probably don’t know about Ottawa?

  1. Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada.
  2. The Federal Government is the largest employer.
  3. Ottawa is the most educated city in the country and has the most scientists, engineers and PhD’s per capita.
  4. The Rideau Canal becomes the world’s longest outdoor skating rink at 7.8km (4.7 miles)
  5. The Metro population is approximately 1.2 million and is a multilingual city where 50% of residents speak English, 32% speak French and the remainder is a mix of Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of all of the great friendships and partnerships I’ve developed throughout the industry   over the last two decades which has brought me to where I am today. Mark Motors represents the best brands in the city of Ottawa.

What’s your productivity secret?

It’s not a secret, but to have a great supportive team here at Mark Motors and to fully utilize Computer Cut in order to streamline the installation process. This is extremely important,  since our sales associates throughout the automotive group perform a fantastic job promoting the Solar Gard products and in-house installation department.

Why do you choose to partner with Solar Gard?

We’ve been a long standing partner with Solar Gard and continues to offer an outstanding product range with great customer support whenever it’s needed. Looking forward to another 20 years together.

Last question…

What’s your dream car?

Is there any doubt that it is a Porsche? 2018 Porsche GT2 RS



Congratulations to Kyle Fuller, Owner of Tint Pro in Bonaire, GA, on being named Solar Gard’s August 2017 Featured Partner for North America.

Kyle’s passion and commitment to the window film business are legendary. He was recently featured in Window Film Magazine for his unique approach to building business through networking with other industry leaders. Kyle shared some insight into his success.

How do you manage to develop and strengthen your business partnerships, while prioritizing the many demands on your time?

Four years ago, I decided that I still had a lot to learn – as well as share. A few other business owners and I committed to set aside time each morning to share challenges and successes that impact our business. We live in different cities across the U.S. and that allows us to learn from dealers with unique perspectives, customers, and business practices. This dedication to building a great network of leaders has also built great friendships. Read the full article.

What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough?



Congratulations to Dru Ballard, Owner of Sun Stoppers in Nottingham, MD, on being named Solar Gard’s July 2017 Featured Partner for North America.

Over the last decade Dru has served as an excellent extension of the Solar Gard brand and developed a powerful presence in the greater Baltimore area. He very graciously took a few minutes to share some insight into his success.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Make integrity and hard work the core of all you do. Always strive to put your best foot forward and leave the laziness to someone else!

What inspires you?

A continual drive to be successful. By focusing on delivering flawless installations with exceptional Solar Gard products – as well as creating an outstanding customer experience – we’ve been able to elevate Sun Stoppers to the next level in our market.

What do you like about Solar Gard products?



Congratulations to Shanon Windecker, Owner of ATD Window Tinting in Las Cruces, NM, on being named Solar Gard’s June 2017 Featured Partner. Shanon is a driven entrepreneur who started his successful family business over 33 years ago. Shanon shared insights into his success and partnership with Solar Gard:

What is your business motto?

Sell yourself first, the rest will fall into place

What’s your biggest challenge as a business owner?

As a working general manager, you have to wear many hats so to speak. The biggest challenge is to make sure I’m always wearing the right hat at the right time!

Why do you choose to partner with Solar Gard?

I enjoy the people and appreciate support I receive! Solar Gard sales team members Tom Foster and Tracy MacCafferty have been a great support and friends to our business over the years.


MAY: Window Kote

Congratulations to Brian & Cheryl Hoffman, the owners of Window Kote in St. Petersburg, FL, on being named Solar Gard’s May 2017 Featured Partner.

As our committed dealer for many years, Window Kote has trusted Solar Gard® products for all their commercial and automotive window film projects. Cheryl & Brian invited us into their shop to share some valuable insight on what makes this family business a success.

When and why did you decide to start your own business?

Window Kote has been a family owned business since 1985. When this company originally started, window film was a new concept. With the extreme heat that we have in Florida, our family decided to take a chance on a this new industry with the belief that there would be future growth.

What is the most exciting part of having your own business?

Growth, both personally and professionally. We meet a variety of people in the course of our everyday work and are constantly reminded what a vast world we live in where


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