Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Installs Solar Gard Window Film To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Building retrofit part of the Hyatt Thrive program, a corporate sustainability effort focused on environmental responsibility and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, near Beverly Hills, has upgraded more than 78,000 square feet of its guest room windows with Solar Gard® Armorcoat® Stainless Steel window film. The application provides significant energy savings and UV protection, among other benefits, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the historic hotel.

Retrofitting with Solar Gard offered the Century Plaza a cost- and carbon-effective solution to help reduce the building’s energy use from cooling and prolong the life of fixtures and furnishings by helping to prevent fading. The specialized window film transformed the Century Plaza’s existing glazing into high-performance windows by helping to reject damaging UV rays and solar heat. By decreasing interior temperatures and moderating peak usage, the Century Plaza will be able to reduce their use of air conditioning.

Before the window film was installed, Solar Gard worked closely with the Century Plaza to conduct an energy efficiency and financial analysis of the building. The analysis projected a return on investment of less than one year with an energy rebate from the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water.

“At the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, we recognize the environmental impact associated with operating the hotel and that’s why we have made a strong, focused commitment to implement more sustainable business practices across our operations,” said Scott Allen, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. “The installation of Solar Gard film on our guest room windows is just another example of how the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is taking proactive steps to save energy. We will continue to leverage innovative strategies to be an environmentally responsible community leader.”

“Solar Gard window film is a smart retrofit option with many diverse, economical and environmentally sustainable benefits, and we are thrilled to be working with the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza,” said Christophe Fremont, President of Solar Gard. “As a window film manufacturer based in California for over thirty years, Solar Gard is uniquely poised to meet the retrofit needs of hotels in search of carbon and cost-effective energy saving solutions. We are currently the only window film manufacturer to have obtained a full Environmental Product Declaration for our architectural solar control films, scientifically proving their net positive environmental impact worldwide. Helping businesses achieve greater sustainability is one way we continue to demonstrate our own environmental commitment.”

The upgrade to the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza’s windows is just one way the hotel is demonstrating its environmental responsibility. The hotel has aligned itself with Hyatt ThriveHyatt’s global corporate responsibility platform – to install other sustainable products throughout the hotel. In addition to the installation of Solar Gard window film, the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is taking measures to reduce energy and water consumption, waste sent to landfills, and greenhouse gases emitted throughout the hotel, including:

  • The installation of low-flush toilets, showerheads, and aerators in all guestrooms
  • The use of Inncom thermostats and LED lighting throughout the hotel’s 100,000 square feet of meeting space, as well as in all guestrooms
  • The installation of a first-of-its-kind food digestor, that reduces all food waste into water

Additional measures such as turning off lights in vacant meeting spaces and displaying easily accessible recycling bins throughout the facility add to the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza’s sustainability efforts.

For additional information, details of the Hyatt Regency installation can be found in this video.