Invisible Paint Protection Film, Clearshield® Pro, Keeps Your Vehicle’s Paint Looking as Good as the Day it was Applied

Clearshield Pro is an invisible barrier that acts as body armor for your paint, providing peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle will look like new for years.  

“Our customers told us they needed a wider, more durable Clearshield that was also easier to install.  We listened to the market and that is what we developed in Clearshield Pro,” said Dave Anderson, Director of R&D and Marketing, Solar Gard. “We made the material stronger, clearer, and more form-fitting for easier installation and greater protection across the entire vehicle.”

Clearshield Pro comes with a limited 7-year warranty* and is available to the Solar Gard network of professional installers in rolls up to 60” inches (1.5 meters) in width. This means that professional installers can now cover large portions of the car like full hoods and roofs, but the benefits can also be applied to more targeted areas. 

  • Professional-grade Clearshield Pro is a clear pain protection barrier that defends against chips, scratches, and stains caused by road debris, salt, insects, sap and other environmental damage
  • Durable and virtually invisible paint protection film now available in wider widths, allowing for full coverage of hoods and roofs, as well as with 7-year limited warranty coverage
  • Clearshield Pro can also be customized to protect areas beyond the traditional bumper, grill, and hood, including door cups and edges, rocker panels, roofs, trunk lining, and tailgate

“Almost all of us can remember scratching the paint around our car door or trunk while reaching for our keys,” said Lawrence Constantin, Director of Sales & Marketing  – Americas, Solar Gard. “Professional-grade Clearshield Pro makes protecting these chip-prone areas easier, helping your vehicle hold its resale value and keeping you driving in style.  It really is the best protection you’ll never see.” 

* 7-year limited warranty coverage available in North America only