Compton YouthBuild and Solar Gard to Lift Up Low-Income Community Students

Solar Gard, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain and the global leader in advanced film technologies for solar control and paint protection across the automotive, commercial and residential industries, is teaming up with Compton YouthBuild, an affiliate of YouthBuild USA, to work alongside students to install Solar Gard protective film on windows at Compton YouthBuild to improve students’ learning experience.

This project is being completed under the national partnership between Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation and YouthBuild USA in support of the youth development program’s national green building and job training program. The Green Initiative program provides former out-of-school, low-income youth the opportunity to make energy-efficient improvements in their community while earning their GEDs or high school diplomas.

Solar Gard’s work with Compton YouthBuild will offer students opportunity to learn valuable work, team and leadership skills, while the company makes a significant contribution to the community through protective films that protect students from UV rays and increase security through world-class intrusion resistance.

“Solar Gard’s mission is to improve daily life through comfort and protection – whether it’s in someone’s vehicle, home or school,” said Kendall Combs, global marketing director for Solar Gard. “Teaming up with Compton YouthBuild has given us the opportunity to not only make a real impact in the neighborhood by helping to enhance a school in need but also to provide hands-on experience and a sense of responsibility to motivate and lift up students who come from underprivileged neighborhoods. Our hope is that the students become engaged and inspired to better themselves and their communities to create a brighter future.”

YouthBuild is a youth and community development program that simultaneously addresses core issues facing low-income communities—housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development. In YouthBuild programs, low-income young people ages 16-24 work toward their high school diploma or its equivalent while learning job skills by building affordable, increasingly green housing and other community assets, and preparing for postsecondary success. Emphasis is placed on leadership development, community service, and the creation of a positive mini-community of adults and youth committed to each other’s success. Students who graduate from the Compton YouthBuild program become self-sufficient, responsible and productive citizens in their community and stewards of the environment.

Solar Gard’s support of Compton YouthBuild helps to fill a gap by providing in-demand job skills, training and motivation for young people without diplomas. Students will be exposed to world-class technology and a major multinational corporation – with Solar Gard being a brand of global glass and building technology pioneer, Saint-Gobain.

About YouthBuild Compton

The mission of Compton YouthBuild (CYB) is to provide rigorous educational and vocational opportunities for at-promise people ages 16-24 that are invested in creating a sustainable future for themselves, their families and communities. As an affiliate of YouthBuild USA, Compton YouthBuild is sponsored and operated by EntreNous Youth Empowerment Services Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

About YouthBuild USA

YouthBuild USA leads an international network of 360 local YouthBuild programs in the USA and 21 countries that help youth transform their own lives while transforming their communities. YouthBuild programs address critical issues facing low-income communities – housing, education, employment, crime prevention and leadership development. In the United States, local YouthBuild programs are sponsored by the local community- and faith-based organizations, government agencies, and community colleges. In other countries, YouthBuild programs are sponsored by NGOs, government agencies, international development institutions, and global companies.