Window Film Project Showcase

window film project showcase

[From top to bottom: OC Tint, Interior Guards, Northern Nevada Window Tint]

OC Tint

Project: Private Residence

Window Film Used: Panorama Hilite – blocks 55% of solar energy and barely visible to the naked eye

Location: Laguna Beach, CA

Contact: 949-637-0296 | | Facebook


Interior Guards

Project: Office Glass Door

Window Film Used: Solar Gard Decorative – Deep Etch Hand Cut

Location: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia

Contact: 301-637-0081 | | Facebook


Northern Nevada Window Tint

Project: Office Building

Window Film Used: Panorama Slate 30 – Dual reflective and blocks 63% of solar energy

Location: Reno, Nevada

Contact: 775-204-0266 | | Facebook