Habitat for Humanity and Solar-X Improve the Windows on a Home in Need

When a family in Sarasota, Florida could not afford the high costs of essential repairs to their home, they applied to Sarasota’s Habitat for Humanity for help. Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization committed to providing decent affordable housing, came to their aid. By securing an interest-free loan from the Office of Housing and Community Development, Habitat was able to fund the much-needed repairs. The house had been home to the family since 1972 but needed many repairs due to years of weather damage and financial constraints.

Habitat was faced with two problems:

  1. How could the loan stretch to cover all the necessary repairs?
  2. How could they make the home as energy efficient as possible so the couple could avoid facing staggering utility bills in the future?

After a careful assessment of the repairs needed, Habitat’s Director of Construction deemed the windows of the home to be in decent shape. Rather than spending money on replacement windows, funds could be better spent to improve the windows’ efficiency and aesthetics. An industry veteran, Lyman MacNutt, President of Solar-X, was there to help. He recommended Solar Gard® Panorama® Slate 30, knowing it could significantly reduce heat build-up and keep the home cooler, even under Florida’s hot sun. At the same time, the homeowners could still take advantage of the bright natural light that would shine through. In addition, this film gave the home a more modern look and added a bit of privacy for its occupants.

MacNutt worked with Panorama window film to coordinate a donation of window film and he offered his labor free-of-charge. Solar-X and Panorama’s joint donation of labor and product conserved funds in two significant ways:

  1. Retrofitting the windows with the film was more cost-effective than replacing the windows, meaning a greater portion of the funds could be used for other updates to the home
  2. Panorama Slate 30 dramatically lowered heat retention inside, so the couple saved money on utility bills.

With the help of business partners and countless volunteer hours, the family was able to re-occupy the home in record time and has been enjoying both its energy efficiencies and aesthetics.

“I am proud that I could partner with The Habitat for Humanity to help make a home safe and comfortable for a family in need,” said Lyman MacNutt, President of Solar-X. “I am glad to be a part of the Solar Gard Elite dealer network. With their support, I can continue to make a difference in my community through Habitat for Humanity.”

Installation Summary


  • Cost effective measure needed to improve windows and reduce heat infiltration



  • Donation of product and labor maximized repair dollars
  • Lower summertime temperatures inside the home