Success Story: Sand Creek Country Club, Chesterton, Indiana

Solar Gard® Panorama® window film hits a hole-in-one with Sand Creek Country Club. Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton, Indiana is renowned for its world-class golf course, exquisite facilities and beautiful landscaping. The community’s 50,000 square foot clubhouse is impressive, housing three dining rooms, a fitness center and gorgeous terraces overlooking the rolling greens. With beauty and luxury top priorities, management was extremely concerned when they noted that sun pouring in through the clubhouse’s expansive windows created intense hot spots, making the climate uneven and uncomfortable for guests. They tried adjusting the air conditioning, but this only resulted in certain areas being too cold, air conditioning units being strained and costly increases in utility bills.

Sand Creek management was referred to Solar Gard® Elite window film dealers David and Laura Pendleton of Crystal Clear Window Filming. Working around the country club’s busy schedule, they installed over 2,500 square feet of Panorama spectrally selective Sterling 60 window film without any disruption to the many special events held at the facility.

Sand Creek’s building management was extremely impressed with the immediate results the film provided. Even though virtually undetectable, the film rejects 53 percent of the sun’s total solar energy and blocks almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet light. Room temperatures instantly dropped six percent, hot spots were eliminated and glare from the intense morning sun was removed. The film had financial benefits as well; tremendous mechanical strain was taken off air conditioning units, reducing utility costs by approximately $1,000 a month. Through reduced energy costs, the film paid for itself in less than three years.

“We’re extremely impressed with the results from the Solar Gard® Panorama® film. It’s practically invisible, yet it eliminated all of our building problems. The guests are more comfortable, the clubhouse looks great and we’re saving a fortune in operating expenses! Solar Gard® Panorama® was the perfect choice for Sand Creek.” Keith Sharpe, Sand Creek Building Maintenance Manager.

Installation Summary


  • Intense hot spots
  • Stress on air conditioning units
  • Costly utility bills


  • Solar Gard Panorama Sterling 60

Amount of film:

  • 2,500 square feet


  • Eliminated hot spots and glare
  • Room temperatures dropped by 6%
  • Reduced average monthly utility costs by $1,000
  • An eliminated strain on air conditioning units
  • Maintained even climate throughout the building