Solar Control Window Film Protects this 18th Century-Inspired Home

When the owners of an 18th century-inspired home designed 2,000 French window panes into their architectural plan, they knew they would need to protect their living space from the sun’s damaging rays. The spacious and impeccably decorated home – all 38,000 square feet of it – is filled with precious antique furniture, original artwork, an in-home theater and gold leaf crown molding. Though beautiful, the light passing through unprotected windows would expose their home’s interior to fading and produce undesired glare and heat pockets.

Solar Gard Panorama window film dealer David Oetzel of Sun Control Specialists was called to develop a solution. Based on more than 20 years experience, David recommended Hilite solar control window film for its optically clear design that blocks 95% of uncomfortable heat and prevents 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. With Hilite®, the stunning home would be kept cool and comfortable, and furnishings would be protected.

“The best solution to overcoming the sun’s negative impact is solar control window film,” commented official dealer David Oetzel. “Panorama Hilite is invisible and yet the benefits are experienced year-round, year after year.” David and his team retrofitted approximately 2,500 square feet of Panorama Hilite to the custom windows. The result? Complete assurance to the homeowners that their furnishings and gold accents would be protected from fading, a reduction of heat pockets, and beautiful views would be maintained, inside and out.

“To achieve elegance and sophistication, the homeowner incorporated decorative painting and gold leaf crown molding in every possible design aspect. We installed Solar Gard® Panorama® window film because of its proven protection, reduction of hot spots, and the fact that the film is made up of precious metals, including gold, which the owners loved!” Michael J. Rabena, The Malvern Development Group

Installation Summary


  • Fading interiors and furnishings
  • Hot spots
  • Excessive heat


Amount of film:

  • 2,500 square feet


  • Protected against premature fading of furnishings, artwork and gold accents
  • Eliminated hot spots
  • Maintained aesthetic appearance of the home