CX Ceramic Films

Solar Gard’s ceramic products leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection without sacrificing views.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced sputtered ceramic technology rejects up to 58% of total solar energy resulting in improved indoor climate control and total comfort
  • Low visible reflectivity provides uncompromising views to the outside while maintaining the natural appearance of the exterior
  • Exceptional durability makes it optimal for use in demanding coastal environments
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays


** This Product is sold exclusively through our Panorama Elite Window Film Network


Film Options and Performance

Product NameVisible Light
Visible Light
Reflectance (Exterior)
UV Light
Total Solar
Energy Rejected
CX 60 61% 11% >99% 38
CX 50 51% 13% >99% 41
CX 35 37% 17% >99% 58
Performance measured on 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass.