Solar Gard HP-4 automotive window film

The Solar Gard (HP) Smoke Plus is an economy automotive window film. The HP Smoke Plus product is metalized for superior heat rejection and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It offers UV protection to keep your interior from fading. With four shades of classic grey tint to choose from, HP Smoke Plus adds style to your ride.

Key Benefits

  • Classic smoke grey tint
  • High heat rejection
  • Blocks more than 98% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Available in four shades
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Film Options and Performance

Product Name % Visible Light
% Visible Light
Reflectance (Exterior)
% Ultraviolet Light
% Total Solar
Energy Rejected
HP Smoke Plus 50 47% 8% >98% 39%
HP Smoke Plus 35 38% 7% >98% 40%
HP Smoke Plus 20 18% 6% >98% 49%
HP Smoke Plus 5 3% 5% >98% 49%
Performance measured on 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass.